Truss for hernias of the groin for daytime use

This truss for hernias in the groin is handmade to measure. Its pads can be ajusted with millimeter precision to cover perfectly the hernial opening with a minimum pressure on the body.
Through this targeted holding force even the large hernias can be held reliably - without springs or thigh straps - without any restriction in freedom of movement!
You can persue all your daily activities and even do sport.

The hernia truss Dr. Spranz LB for daytime use is also available in a water-resistent version


These features make the truss, Dr. Spranz LB, a reliable and comfortable protection of the  hernia for people who cannot be operated for medical reasons.

The biggest risk for patients with a hernia of the groin, the strangulation of the hernia (which happens only in 1 or 2 per cent of the cases), can be reduced.

With a truss for the day, one for the night and one for the bath, your hernia is protected round the clock!


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